Porshelina Fine Shell China Comparison to Fine Bone China


A superior product to bone china



Fine shell chinaware is more durable than conventional bone chinaware and much lighter than normal porcelain. Now all fine chinaware items are made available to you using this sustainable seashell material.



Lighter than Bone China


Porshelina offers “bone china” quality, without any of the negative perceptions of bone. Practically-speaking, all customers will find seashell chinaware more acceptable, as well as being more elegant, more lightweight and more beautiful than porcelain. At a comparable price to bone chinaware and substantially lighter and more durable than porcelain.



Lighter than Porcelain


The main raw material consists of naturally harvested empty shells carried in by the tides of the ocean. This rich sustainable and natural resource of discarded shells is gathered from shorelines. All gathering of shells is carried out ecologically and in full co-operation with local environmental and marine protection agencies



More Durable than Bone China


Porshelina china production progress has been a steadily improving procession of achievement meeting a growing demand from discerning clients who insist on quality combined with ethical compassion and resource responsibility.



More Durable than Porcelain


Porshelina Fine Shell China Compared to Bone China and Porcelain