Vegetarian Dishes from Porshelina, Fine China without the Bone Content

Suitable for vegetarians

Porshelina provides the bone china quality associated with the fine dining experience without the addition of animal bone to provide the inherient strength of fine bone china. Dispensing with the modern formula for bone china of approximately fifty per cent bone ash, twenty five per cent kaolin and twenty five per cent Cornish stone.

Porshelina is a beautiful ecological product, the main raw material consists of naturally harvested empty shells carried in by the tides of the ocean. Porshelina is a completely natural, sustainable and environmentally-friendly product, gathered from beaches where mother-nature deposits and replenishes it with every incoming and outgoing tide.

At a comparable price with bone chinaware and substantially lighter and more durable than porcelain. Porshelina delivers the ideal choice for vegetarians looking for a premium quality dining experience, without the negative conation.

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